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With the advent of the NBN, broadband is fast enough that businesses can realistically look at transitioning various of their expensive on-premises solutions to the cloud, to leverage the economies of scale of the internet and reduce their overheads. 

A word of caution: cloud-based solutions generally do not have as many features as on-premises solutions — that is the trade-off. Let us use an example from document management systems: an on-premises solution like iManage versus a cloud-based solution like NetDocuments. NetDocuments does not allow you to do all the things that iManage does, but with iManage you have the on-premises hands-on expenses and with NetDocuments you do not. If a client does not already have a working system for paperless document management, it is much easier to simply begin directly in the cloud, without trying to do things the old way on-premises. For a company with an existing on-premises solution, however, it might not necessarily pay to take it to the cloud without a basic reworking and rethinking of the requirements for the solution. 

Of course, these things are all relative. Laptop computers are not as powerful as desktop computers for the same amount of money, but over time they became so powerful and so cheap in their own right that it became worth it to buy the laptop. And as cloud technology matures, it will also become more and more worth it to take the leap into the cloud. 

Centura has experience with cloud technologies such as NetDocuments, Azure and AWS, and can give you a comprehensive solution based on an analysis of your needs.

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