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Office Automation

Almost any repetitive task involving software in the office, from logging into Wi-Fi, to downloading documents after logging into a website, to creating form letters, can be automated. PowerShell is the primary technology used by Centura to automate all this and more, because it has been designed from the ground up for task automation and it can be run on Windows, MacOS or even Linux. 

Most offices have legacy automation code in varying degrees. For example, many people, including non-programmers, have written useful code in VBA, which once upon a time was the standard way in which people automated tasks in Microsoft Office. There have since been many new technologies for Office automation, including Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) and Microsoft Office Interop, which is manipulated by PowerShell to automate various tasks in Office. However, Centura is familiar with all these legacy technologies and can assist with maintaining existing solutions if the client requires this. 

Not all automation requires writing a program or script. Some businesses have been able to populate form letters by writing them in Excel and using Excel formulas to populate the cells in the table that correspond to the blank fields in the letter that need to be populated. Indeed, Excel formulas are capable of automating a large amount of data manipulation. Excel formulas are an area in which Centura has years of experience, and if all that is required is tweaking Excel formulas, or devising new ones to assist in Excel spreadsheets or reports, this is also a possibility. 

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