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Data Analytics

Centura can do many things for a company's analytics. It's all about turning your database into meaningful information. Much can be done just by using your existing infrastructure. If you have a SQL Server or Oracle database, and Microsoft Office, we can use Microsoft's Power Query to pull the information from the database into whatever tabular form is required in Microsoft Excel. Moreover, the power of Excel can then be harnessed with such tools as PivotTables and PivotCharts to present in-depth and accessible analyses of data patterns. Data captured in a database can be transformed into metrics that can be used to provide true business intelligence. 

Centura has worked with many analytical technologies, including Crystal Reports and Cognos PowerBuilder and Impromptu, SQL Server Reporting Services, even lesser known products like ComponentArt WinChart, a third-party .NET form control. Once we determine your infrastructure we will determine what solution will work best for you. It is about finding the kinds of information that you want, then pointing us at your database and letting us go at it. Law firms can generate reports of partners who aren't performing, help desks can examine the performance of each of their consultants by quantitative metrics such as how many calls that they resolve themselves, versus how many they need to escalate. As Bill Gates said, it is about "managing with the force of facts". 

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