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Web Design & Development

Every business today needs a website. The needs of most business can be met with a website based on an existing template, which can be customised to suit your needs. For some businesses, a template on a website like can be chosen and used to create a stunning website. Wix has many built-in features such as WYSIWYG site editing, blogging and online forms. The major thing that the client must provide is the actual text, plus any photographs they have, to provide the substance to the site. But the process of creating the site is very streamlined and this is generally the cheapest option for a client. 

Templates can also be purchased from a variety of places that cater to more specialised niches and may include proprietary formats such as PSD for Photoshop Documents. They require a more manual, hands-on process to edit, which adds to the cost.

A website can be built completely from scratch, using technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Web API and eCommerce widgets to allow a high degree of control over the final result, although these are the lengthiest and most expensive of jobs.

In addition to creating websites, Centura can of course help to maintain your existing website. We are familiar with a variety of technologies and platforms, including HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Windows and Linux, and can keep your website running and appealing. 

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