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Business Analysis

We will gather the requirements that a business has to achieve its goal. This will include a series of use-case scenarios, where we examine each different kind of scenario where a user wants a specific result from the IT system. Based on these requirements we can proceed to look at the most efficient way of implementing them to solve a business's problems.

The initial meeting is obligation-free. Based upon this meeting, the business may decide from there whether they wish us to proceed with gathering requirements and producing a list of recommendations. This is a process that can vary in the time it takes, but it is typically between one and three weeks. A lengthy document will be compiled of each of the desired solutions for the company, with an assessment of the feasibility of each solution. If the solution can be implemented using the technology already possessed by the firm, this will always be given priority over technology in which the firm would have to invest separately. Time spent in the early process of gathering the requirements and auditing the IT infrastructure can result in big savings down the track. For example, one of our clients, an accounting firm, enlisted us to help them go paperless. We found that they already had the tools that they needed to achieve what they wanted. It was firstly a matter of educating them in the capabilities of their technology, which we performed. It was secondly a matter of changing their policies so that they could make proper use of this technology.

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